Driveways and Walkways
  • When considering a driveway there are many things to think about. You need to evaluate the over all look and aesthetics Replacing a driveway might not be enough to give your property the dazzle or curb appeal your looking for.

  • You also might want to consider adding a walkway or some connecting planters to help compliment the complete outcome of your project. We at Werth Builders can help you with some amazing and affordable ideas to give our clients the pizzaz that will help compliment any property and ultimately increase value.

  • Material choices are also a very important consideration. The details, choice of patterns and colors will have a great impact on the final outcome of your new project.

  • The set up of a new driveway is probably the most important aspect of the entire job. Proper set up and elevations must be established before any permanent forms are put into place. One of the things we do is take all necessary precautions to use the right materials for the particular job at hand. On every driveway you want to make sure and use a larger rebar such as a # 4 and with a grid pattern of at least 20″ on center.

  • Dobies should also be used to make sure the new concrete is centered inside the freshly poured concrete. This will help prevent cracking from the weight of the vehicles. Speak to one of our associates about proper procedure. A project like this is a one time only project and when done properly you as the property owner will be able to have pride of ownership and all who pass by will volunteer their compliments on to you.

  • We help you with the designing, layout and choice of colors and patterns that will compliment your home to the fullest and usually at no additional cost. Werth Builders also wants to take pride in the final outcome of every project. After all our name is on it too. Please do not hesitate to call and schedule a in house consultation and estimate.

  • Thank you for considering Werth Builders as your service professional.