Decorative Concrete

Werth Builders offers many types and styles of decorative concrete in Orange County for our clients to choose from that will compliment their homes and create value. Our specialty finishers are trained in the application and installation of these delicate systems to assure our clients the highest quality and satisfaction. If the process is not done according to specifications the outcome of the job will suffer.
The grading and set up process is vital to the quality assurance of any type of permanent installations especially concrete.

Orange County Decorative Concrete.

In addition to the set up process depending on what area the new concrete is being poured additional support and moisture barriers should be considered. For Example: any driveway needs to have the proper sloping for water run off and also a minimum of #4 re-bar set @ 16-18 inches on center.( AKA grid pattern) This procedure will help prevent the cracking of the concrete due to weight of vehicles and ground shifting.
Pool decking should require additional grading and sloping especially if there are deck/surface drains involved. Lasser scopes are highly recommended for this type of grading and to shoot the proper elevations from the pool coping to any adjacent structure. Typically Lasser scopes can be used for any types of grading to assure the proper elevations prior to setting the forms.
In certain cases the existing dirt is clay or also known as being expansive soil. Any bedrock or expansive soils should be removed to a depth of at least 6-8 inches and new fill sand or road base needs to be spread out and compacted with a mechanical plate to create density. Then we are ready to install the required amount of re-bar. Dobies are used to keep the re-bar centered in the middle of the freshly poured concrete to help with the reinforcement and stability. If Pouring a colored stamped area outside. temperature consideration is a must. If the weather is not conducive according to manufacturers recommendations the project can turn out as a failure. These are highly sensetive projects and should be completed by properly trained professionals only.
The mixture of the concrete that is ordered from the plant or supplier is as equally important to the longevity of the project. Certain areas of new concrete should have a special mix. This will better the chances of less cracking and more sustainability. A Qualified Werth Builders staff will direct our clients on which process and mix will be better for their job requirements.
Concrete stamping and coloring is one of the most popular and sought after finishes. Not only does it make the property more eye catching but if done correctly you will be the envy of the neighborhood. We offer a high variety of finishes ranging from a random stone look to many different types of slates, textures small and large patterns even some that look like wood planking and even brick. The colors can be integral blended together. Integral colors are available in soft earth tone colors made from the pigments available. These are ideal for creating a two tone effect and some cases a multiple color. Integral colors are extremely beneficial because the entire load that is ordered from the plant is colored. Therefore the color is mixed through and through. Additional colors can be added to produce a multiple layer of colors for even more highlights. Sealing of the concrete is a vital step to the detailing and finishing of the job. This will not only protect the colors from fading but will also give it a glossy finish. The sealing process is also a very sensitive application and should be done by a highly trained individual that is familiar with all the aspects of procedure and proper material. There are many different types of sealer and finishes to use depending on the consumers wants.

Driveways and Walkways

When considering a driveway there are many things to think about. You need to evaluate the over all look and aesthetics Replacing a driveway might not be enough to give your property the dazzle or curb appeal your looking for.
You also might want to consider adding a walkway or some connecting planters to help compliment the complete outcome of your project. We at Werth Builders can help you with some amazing and affordable ideas to give our clients the pizzaz that will help compliment any property and ultimately increase value.
Material choices are also a very important consideration. The details, choice of patterns and colors will have a great impact on the final outcome of your new project.
The set up of a new driveway is probably the most important aspect of the entire job. Proper set up and elevations must be established before any permanent forms are put into place. One of the things we do is take all necessary precautions to use the right materials for the particular job at hand. On every driveway you want to make sure and use a larger rebar such as a # 4 and with a grid pattern of at least 20″ on center. Dobies should also be used to make sure the new concrete is centered inside the freshly poured concrete. This will help prevent cracking from the weight of the vehicles. Speak to one of our associates about proper procedure. A project like this is a one time only project and when done properly you as the property owner will be able to have pride of ownership and all who pass by will volunteer their compliments on to you.
We help you with the designing, layout and choice of colors and patterns that will compliment your home to the fullest and usually at no additional cost. Werth Builders also wants to take pride in the final outcome of every project. After all our name is on it too. Please do not hesitate to call and schedule a in house consultation and estimate.
Thank you for considering Werth Builders as your service professional.

Doors and Windows

One of the most enhancing and affordable ways to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient is to replace and upgrade all you windows and doors. We offer numerous amounts of styles and solutions that will help compliment any home.
By upgrading all of your windows and doors, not only does it give your home more curb appeal and pride of ownership, it will give you added piece of mind that your family is safer and reduce the high cost of electricity.
All of our products that we offer our clients meet or exceed the energy efficiency codes. In addition, all of the locking mechanisms have been tested against forced entry and also meet or exceed the forced entry code.
Please contact one of our staff for consultation and estimates on what best suits your needs. There are also code requirments that must be enforced for certain windows and areas. Egress and fire escape is one of the main codes. Each bedroom must have sufficient openings and height structure to be abls to get emergency response people in and out. In some cases tempered saftey glass will be required. One of our professionals will advise you on those type of installations.
In addition to our standard replacement lines we also offer custom new openings, remodeling of existing openings and the conversion of wall space to windows or french/sliding doors. ( optional). This will create a direct access to your front or backyard and allow more air-flow and natural light to come through.
In certain situations termite damage or wood rot is found, not to worry, we have removed and replaced thousands of areas that have had these problems. Such areas will be identified with the client and repair costs will be evaluated and agreed upon before any additional work takes place. Again, certain permits may be required prior to the work being done or completed.
Thank you for cosidering Werth Builders as you service professional and please don’t heitate to call for any quotes or questions. We offer free estimates by appointment only.

Patio Covers & Enclosures

Werth Builders offers a variety of patio covers anywhere from solid wood to non maintenance Alumawood.
One of the most popular and cost efficient is our solid 3″ (inch) insulated covers. They can be engineered to any size
with interlocking panels for maximum strength and durability. If necessary engineering reports can be obtained for high
wind and extreme weather conditions. The solid roof panels also come complete with gutter systems and downspouts.
Our alumawood covers are so durable and strong that if needed you can even walk on them. They also come in a variety
of colors. Custom colors can be made to order for a slight additional cost. In rare circumstances we also offer up to a 6″ (inch ) insulated panel as well.
One of our other popular styles is the Alumawood open lattice cover. These too are also custom made to order. These types of covers
will give you up to 80% of shade and also allow natural light to come in while letting a cool breeze flow through.
This materiel is made to look and resemble real wood grain, and can have the corner pieces come either in block or sculptured shapes.
Which ever type, style or colors you need, all of our products will enhance and add value and beauty to your home or commercial structure.
Great for outdoor patio seating, bars & grills also.

We deal direct with our local manufacturers so all of our orders are custom made to fit each individual clients specific needs.
One of our factory representatives will come out and visit with our clients to do a pre-order site check and engineering.
One of the benefits we have to offer is timely delivery and prompt installation as well as a Lifetime warranty on all our installations.
Werth Builders also offers a complete design of sunrooms Atriums and play rooms for that needed added extra space with the fraction of
the cost of a room addition. Our complete enclosures or bonus rooms come complete with interior paneling and full electrical throughout.
Four seasons rooms can be engineered and built with heavy duty Low E glass windows for added insulation benefits.
Call today to arrange your free in home consultation and design.