Pool & Spa BUILD and Remodeling

Pool & Spa BUILD and Remodeling
  • Werth Builders has remodeled, renovated and built numerous amounts of custom dream backyard resorts

  • For a existing pool that needs a complete remodel usually a simple re-plaster just is not enough. There are many other important factors that need to be addressed prior to the new look. In most cases the older pools have the original plumbing and electrical conduits that have been buried underground for many years. These conduits are usually galvanized or copper and are extremely corroded and need to be replaced. Equipment needs to be upgraded for better functioning and energy efficiency

  • In a full remodel everything but the shell of the existing pool is removed. Proper depth of trenches are dug to code for the placement of new utility lines such as gas,electrical water supply and drainage. New intake and return lines for the pool must also be upgraded and in most cases a secondary drain be put in. Following the uniform building codes is a must when undertaking a project such as this. These codes have been put into place for the safety of the consumer and to assure reliability of the builder. 

  • A project like this will require a set of plans in order to be able to pull the necessary permits that the city will want. In some situations additional engineering will also be required. Werth Builders can help facilitate with all these requirements as well.

  • Once the planning,designing and proper permits have been processed the fun is now ready to begin. Its always a good idea to pre-order materials and make sure that they are readily available to the builder so there will be no down time. Try to make all of your material choices ahead of time to insure proper color coordination. There are many styles and colors to pick from that will compliment the final outcome of your project. Again this is something we can help you out with. Water features are now also very much in demand and will add to the beauty and value of your new pool area. Please consult with your designer or us for suggestions on any rock formations, natural rock waterfalls or spillways. This is a project that will give your family and freinds years of pleasure and enjoyment. 

  • Werth builders also offers a complete back yard makeover with custom built BBQs, fire pits, decorative seating walls and planters. We will install all the necessary irrigation lines, drainage lines, landscape wiring complete with transformers and timers.

  • We offer many types of decking and patios as well. Please consult with one of our professionals for any and all quotes.